Ongoing PhD Thesis Topics

  1. Bilgin Kosucu, Opportunistic Urban Sensing
  2. Gökhan Remzi Yavuz, Ambient Assisted Living
  3. Turgay Pamuklu, Green Cellular Networking
  4. Edip Toplan, Activity Recognition Applied Sensing
  5. Cagatay Sonmez, Mutimodal Wireless Sensor Networks
  6. Can Tunca, Intelligent Transportation Systems
  7. Ahmet Cihat Baktır, Software Defined Networks for Mobile Cloud Systems
  8. Esin Karaman, SDN based, Service-Centric Edge Computing, (Coadvised with Atay Özgövde)
  9. Niaz Cahalabianloo, Affective Computing (Coadvised with Bert Arnrich)
  10. Yekta Said Can, Stress Detection and Prevention in Real-Life Scenarios Using Wearable Sensors (Coadvised with Bert Arnrich)

Completed PhD Theses

  1. Aykut Yigitel, Green Networking: From Conventional to Next Generation Heterogeneous Cellular Networks (Coadvised with Ozlem Durmaz), 2016.
  2. Hande Özgür Alemdar, Human Activity Recognition with Wireless Sensor Networks using Machine Learning, 2015. (Currently with the Grenoble Informatics Laboratory, France)
  3. Can Komar, Detection Quality in Multimedia Wireless Sensor Networks with Travelers' Favorite Paths, 2012. (Currently, in Microsoft Research Center, Seattle, USA)
  4. M. Yunus Donmez, Quality of Service Aware Contention and Deployment Analysis in Wireless Sensor Networks, 2011. (Currently, a postdoc in WiSe, NETLAB, Bogazici University)
  5. Sinan Isik, Load Balanced Reliable Forwarding for Wireless Sensor Networks, 2011.(Currently, Faculty member, Mathematics Department, Bogazici University)
  6. Rabun Kosar, Nonuniformity in Wireless Sensor Networks, 2010. (Currently, Director of IT services in Bogazici University)
  7. Atay Ozgovde, An Application Aware Utility Based Lifetime Quantification Framework for Wireless Sensor Networks, 2009. (Currently, assistant professor in Galatasaray University)
  8. Tolga Onel, Network Centric Warfare Communications with Wireless Sensor Networks and Data Fusion, 2009. (Currently, post-doctoral researcher at Turkish Navy Research Center)
  9. Ilker Demirkol, Medium Access Control Layer Performance Issues in Wireless Sensor Networks, 2008. (Currently, instructor and post-doctoral researcher in Rochester University, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, NY, USA)
  10. Fatih Koksal, Multicasting for Optical Multifiber Networks, 2007. (Currently, researcher in Texas Tech University, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Texas, U.SA)
  11. Ertan Onur, Quality of Deployement in Surveillance Wireless Sensor Networks, 2007. (Currently an Assist. Prof. in Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science (EEMCS), The Netherlands)
  12. Kaan Bur, QoS Aware Multicasting in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks, 2006. (Currently, post-doctoral researcher in Department of Electrical and Information Technology, Lund University, Sweden)
  13. Ilker Oyman, Multiple Sink Location Problem and Energy Efficiency in Large Scale Wireless Sensor Networks, 2004. (Currently, founder of Gordion A.S., and part -time faculty member in Bogazici University, Computer Engineering Department)
  14. R. Kucukates, A minimum flow maximum residual method for routing in LEO satellite networks, 2002. (Currently, founder of Gordion A.S., and part -time faculty member in Bogazici University, Computer Engineering Department
  15. Tuna Tugcu, A realistic mobility model and its application to a reservation based call admission scheme for DS-CDMA cellular systems, 2001. (Currently, an Assoc. Professor in Bogazici University, Computer Engineering Department)
  16. E. Cayirci, Application of 3G PCS Technologies to the Mobile Subsystem of the Next Generation Tactical Communications Systems, 2000. (Currently, a Professor in Stavanger University, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department and Chief of CAX Support Branch, NATO Joint Warfare Center, Stavanger Norway, and founder of Genetlab, Turkey)
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