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Bs Project Topics

Implementation of “Network Monitor” Northbound Application

This project includes the implementation of a northbound application (or multiple applications) in order to monitor the network status with respect to various performance metrics and node availability. It reports the link status, notifies in case of a congestion, informs administrator if any switch or link is broken. In addition to this, it performs measurements of jitter-delay-throughput-packet loss for flows list the average and max values for corresponding links for reactive solutions.

Contact: Ahmet Cihat Baktir

Load Balancing Approaches for SDN with Raspberry Pi Switches

The Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized magic computer that can be used as an equivalent of a desktop computer as well as an embedded computer board. In this project, a real OpenFlow compatible multi-port switch will be realized using open-source SDN virtual switch (OpenvSwitch) over Raspberry Pi 3 hardware. The switch obtained will be used to implement service level load balancing between application servers. To be able to do this, an SDN application is necessary which uses the northbound programming interface over an SDN controller. The performance of this setup under various traffic characteristics are evaluated.

Contact: Ahmet Cihat Baktir

Implementation of a Virtual SDN Test Bed with IoT Devices Including Smart Watches as Traffic Generators

Although SDN becomes very popular, configuration of vendors’ hardware SDN switches is still a challenging issue because of incompatibility between switches and controllers. In order to cope with such an issue, there are software switches implemented which support OpenFlow and runs on top of available OS (mostly Linux OS) and easier to be configured. Without constructing a real environment, an SDN test bed can be constructed and evaluated through this method for the project. Besides, for evaluating daily life scenarios related to augmented reality, some IoT devices such as smart watches will be used as traffic generators.

Contact: Ahmet Cihat Baktir

Determining the number of controllers for distributed control mechanism in SDN

As the scale of network gets larger, the number of controllers needs to be higher in order to maintain the reliability. However, we should keep the number of controller as minimum as possible. This project aims to determine the minimum number of controllers in a network topology for maintaining the lower bound of reliability.

Contact: Ahmet Cihat Baktir

Controller location problem for SDN

As the scale of network gets larger, the number of controllers needs to be higher in order to maintain the reliability. Beside of the number of controllers, their locations also have an important role in this manner. An optimum controller location algorithm needs to be defined for maintaining the reliability of the networks.

Contact: Ahmet Cihat Baktir

Assignment of network devices to controllers for a maintaining the reliability

As the scale of network gets larger, the number of controllers needs to be higher in order to maintain the reliability. Also their locations have an important role for this goal. However, determining the number and location of controllers are inadequate because device assignments need to be optimal. This project aims to determine which network device needs to be assigned to which controller.

Contact: Ahmet Cihat Baktir

Notes for Scaring the Unwilling and Lazy:

1. CmpE 475 or equivalent is a must 476/477/523/524/58C are strongly recommended.

2. Performance evaluation and implementation projects will result in long working hours in NETLAB.

3. Willingness for hard work is a must since all of these are difficult problems.

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